Software Features
Superior Quality – Excellent Value – Easy to use!

RealtyProMLS® is a state-of-the-art Multiple Listing Service which offers exceptional value, it has more features and is easier to use than competing systems, and it includes the absolute best customer service and support in the industry!  There are over 20 real estate applications/programs (called modules) included in the RealtyPro MLS system.  Following is a brief outline of these modules, and the services and features included:

User Friendly – Easy To Use Interface:
The RealtyProMLS® system is designed (inside out) to be very logical, simple, and easy to use! The navigational layout is very easy to understand, and it's easy to accomplish what you want quickly and efficiently.  All of the programs (modules) are accessible from the MLS Main Menu.  There are also several "mini modules" that are a part of the Main Menu  for quick access to the things you do most.  RealtyPro Solutions (the MLS Provider) offers toll free phone support, eSupport, and there is a comprehensive Help section with online tutorials, videos, and step by step "How To" instructions for each module. Following is a list of some of the main navigation and use features:

  • Logical, simple, and easy-to-use layout and design.
  • Back, Home, and Help button at top left of every screen.
  • Help tutorials, videos, step by step instructions, e-Support, and live toll free phone support!
  • Breadcrumbs at every page showing you exactly where you are in the system (with links to go back).
  • Navigation Tree to see the full layout of the entire site with every module and page in the site.
  • Ability to Multi-Task (open as many windows running the MLS as you need).

Main Menu Mini Modules:
The Main Menu contains several "mini modules" which allow you to quickly access the things you use most in the MLS such as: manage your listings, do a quick search for contacts or listings, keep track of listing activity and changes in the MLS, or read messages from the Association. Most of the mini modules link to the full modules for more advanced features and additional information. Following is a list of the Main Menu "mini modules" and their related features:

  • Message Board- lets you view all messages and notifications created by the Association.
  • My Listings- allows you to quickly view and manage your listings (hover over any listing for more details).
  • My Contacts- A Link at the top right of every screen in the MLS that allows you to quickly search and view contact information or link to the Contact Manager without opening a new window.
  • Search Listings- is a quick and easy way to perform searches on listings.
  • Task Manager- A simple online "To Do" task list which allows you to prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and receive notification reminders by email or text message.
  • Market Watch- lets you see all changes in the MLS. It's basically a Hot Sheet of MLS listing activity.
  • Each mini module can be maximized (click [+]) so it fills the screen and gives you more viewing area.

Searchable MLS Listing Database:
The number one purpose of the RealtyProMLS® system is to allow you to search, sort, select, preview, print, and email the listing data. The Search Listings module gives you "what you want – how you want it!". You can access the MLS from any Internet connection without installing any software, you can use the desktop version without an Internet connection, or you can access the MLS using your PDA, smart-phone, or handheld/mobile device. The Search Listings module is totally customizable, and is packed with lots of time saving and useful features including:

  • Online (, Offline (desktop), and mobile ( access to MLS.
  • Ability to search listings by practically any criteria imaginable (very user-friendly).
  • Advanced logic searches ( "Find/Exclude" and "And/Or") options with wildcard and key word searches!
  • Search multiple MLS#'s, APN#'s, Addresses, or Office File#'s in the same search.
  • Customizable search templates which allow you to search the fields you use most often.
  • Customizable search results "views" so you can view/print the fields you want in the order you want them.
  • Ability to save/load search criteria for common searches or searches for specific customers.
  • Ability to save/load search results for future use or to combine multiple searches into one results.
  • Ability to combine saved search results (so you can return multiple searches to one results screen).
  • Create your own customizable PDF report templates for viewing, printing, and emailing to customers.
  • Sort listings by any field or select/unselect and filter listings until you have what you want how you want it.
  • View, print, or email flyers, postcards, property brochures, and other customizable PDF reports.
  • Ability to change "Prepared By" on all printouts to any member of your office (based on teams).
  • Export search results to a spreadsheet (for statistical analysis) or to an ascii text format.
  • Calculate Totals for any search results (showing minimum, maximum, average, and median totals).
  • Upload/view up to 25 photos per listing with heading and description for each one.
  • Upload/view plat maps and custom documents (Seller's Disclosure forms, etc.) for each listing.
  • View a quick CMA comparison of any listing compared to the other search results (w/ statistics).
  • View, print, or email a map showing the location of all properties in your search results.
  • Google maps and aerial views of each listing.
  • Links to county tax data, virtual tours, or other custom websites for each listing.
  • View listing histories, record private notes about any listing, or record showing notes for the listing agent.
  • Quick Links on Detail View that allow you to edit your listings, link listings to contacts, create a listing watch, or report errors on other agent's listings.

Add/Edit Listings:
This module allows you to quickly and easily manage your listings and submit new listings and changes. The Association determines which fields are required for each property type and which fields require specific data etc. for any given set of conditions. The required fields show up in red text on the new listing form, and it will not let you submit the listing until you have entered all the required data.  Additional features and benefits of this module include:

  • Data quality control (Ability for the Association to set any criteria for any conditions) on new listings.
  • Custom validation (required fields marked in red).
  • Simple and easy process for submitting new listings and/or editing current listings.
  • Help tips for each new listing field with a description of the field and how it is used.
  • Print or email a blank or completed listing form or change form for clients to sign.
  • Ability to duplicate a listing so you don't have to re-enter all the listing data.
  • Enter listing data as un-submitted listing and save for future submission.
  • Option to require broker approval on new listings and options for broker notifications on listing changes.
  • Ability to link to the county tax data from the new listing screen to find pertinent property data.
  • Save personal private notes about any listing or report an error on another agent's listing.
  • Record showing comments and provide feedback to the listing agent on any listing.
  • Schedule open houses or auctions for any listing, or request listing to be on a board or office tour/caravan.
  • Make unlimited changes to photos, docs, links, listing status, or any other listing data.

Contact Manager:
The RealtyProMLS® Contact Manager is a simple way to keep track of all your contacts and conversations in one location. There are also several time saving shortcuts within the MLS that allow you communicate with your contacts and send them MLS reports with a few simple clicks. The Contact Manager features include:

  • Quick search for customers either from the MLS Main Menu or from the Contact Manager Menu.
  • Add new contact from the MLS Main Menu or from the Contact Manager Menu.
  • Import contacts from another contact manager program.
  • Export contacts for backup or for use in another contact manager or email application.
  • Edit contact data, or add unlimited conversations/notes (for tracking phone conversations, etc.).
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently with customers/contacts using email or phone numbers.
  • Prioritize, categorize, and group contacts for searching and prospecting purposes.
  • Log (add or edit) conversations, showings, and/or private notes about each contact.
  • Email any MLS report (CMA's, amortization schedules, net sheets, listing search results) to contact(s).
  • Add/edit groups (and add or remove contacts from groups) for prospecting, mail-outs, etc.
  • Setup auto email prospecting to notify customer by email of any listings that meet their criteria.
  • Send bulk email to any/all of your customers (This is very useful for farming/prospecting certain groups).
  • Link listings to contacts (Buyer/Seller) or contacts to listings.
  • Create mailing labels for bulk direct mail prospecting or personal letters.

Search Agents & MLS Membership:
The Membership Search module allows you to communicate with member participants of the MLS. It can be used for notifications of office events, membership administration by the board, or to send a quick email or text message to another agent. Membership Search features include:

  • Ability to search all MLS members by type, name, office affiliation, or pre-saved group.
  • Sort and filter results, and save/load selected members as groups for quick retrieval in the future.
  • View member photos and contact information.
  • Ability to send a direct text message or email to any member participant of the MLS.
  • Send bulk email or bulk text messages to selected members (great for important reminders/notifications).
  • Print phone lists or mailing labels.
  • Link to view the current officers of the Association &/or MLS.

Statistics & Reports:
The Statistics & Reports module has lots of useful sub-modules and reports to help you analyze the market, view trends and market share, and track specific segments of the real estate market. Your command of the numbers will impress clients and prospects with your knowledge of the market, and it will help them make important decisions about pricing their properties or making offers on properties for sale. Some of the features and sub-modules include:

  • Market Trends: This module contains several reports that help you view trends, analyze supply and demand, determine appreciation/depreciation rates, and compare segments of the market between two or more dates.
  • Market Share: This module contains several reports related to inventory and production. It can be used to determine agent or office production, total sales volumes, and to see how your market share of listings taken or listing sold compares to your office or to the entire MLS membership.
  • 1004 MC Report: A report for appraisers that meets the Fannie Mae guidelines for the 1004MC form. This report is used to view the market condition trends for the past 12 months. Active Listings: Create a quick list of Active listings to hand out to customers or to use as an MLS Book.
  • Market Watch: View a hot sheet of all listings that have changed between any two dates. You can create custom filters that limit your reports to certain property types, areas, Zip Codes, etc. This module is very useful if you specialize in a certain property type or want to stay familiar with the market in a certain area.

C.M.A. & Listing Presentation
Using the CMA module (easy step by step process), you can prepare a comprehensive listing presentation and C.M.A. "Competitive Market Analysis" to help your sellers understand the current market conditions and price their properties competitively. It looks like you've spent hours putting this report together when in reality it only takes a few minutes. Your clients will be impressed by the professional quality of this presentation and will be more likely to list with you and price their properties competitively — meaning more sales for you! The CMA features include:

  • Create CMA's for residential or land listings.
  • Option for automatic or manual search to find and select comps most similar to the subject property.
  • Ability to add custom documents (i.e. personal or company brochure, service guarantee, etc.) to CMA.
  • Print or email professional quality PDF reports (with optional selected pages) to customers or clients.
  • Ability to share CMA or change "Prepared By" to any member in your office (based on teams).
  • Detailed pricing analysis to help sellers determine the best asking price for their property.
  • Section for advice and custom notes with your personal suggestions to the seller.

Auto Email Prospecting:
Leverage the power of the MLS with the technology of automation. When you can't find the perfect property for a buyer, the Auto Email Prospecting module will work for you until it can! This module allows you to enter specific search criteria for customers and clients, and then the MLS automatically runs queries and sends your customers an email if/when a listing becomes available that meets their search criteria. The features of this module include:

  • Professional quality email reports with ability to view all photos for each property.
  • Customizable criteria, frequency, and send options for each customer.
  • Manage (edit or cancel) auto emails from the Auto Email Prospecting or the Contact Manager modules.
  • Quick view of all listings that have been emailed to each customer or client.
  • Option for customers to "Opt Out" whenever they want to stop receiving auto emails.

Client CentralTM:
Client Central is a communication tool designed for the clients of MLS participants. Client Central is a great way to help buyers refine their search to find the perfect property, it provides a written record of important communications, and it is an organized way to help clients complete the tasks and check list items necessary for a successful closing. Agents can customize Client Central with their own promotional text, links, slideshow etc. for branding purposes, and then easily create accounts for each client. Agents can manage all client accounts, view communications, add/edit listings, etc. from the Client Central Control Panel. The clients will each have a unique login that takes them to a branded website with the agents information where the client can do the following:

  • View listings that have been added to Client Central by the agent manually from MLS Searches.
  • View new listings (from auto emails) that were automatically added based on the clients search critiera.
  • Prioritize, filter, and view listings by interest level: [Not Interested | Some Interest | Very Interested].
  • Make notes for specific listings. (Likes, dislikes, and/or questions etc.).
  • Sort (ascending or descending) by list price, size, interest level, date listed, date added, etc.
  • View listing details (with map, slide-show of photos, person notes, and financial calculator).
  • Switch between Map View and Summary View.
  • Request a showing for specific listing(s).
  • Use check lists to keep track of important deadlines and organize tasks (with reminders) that need to completed.
  • Communicate with the agent to ask questions or to set up an appointments.
  • Receive progress reports and updates from the agent.

Listing Watch:
This module allows you to place a "watch" on one or more specific listings so that the MLS will immediately notify you by email or text message if/when that listing is changed as specified. You can be notified when the status changes, when the price changes, and/or when there is any type of change made to the listing. Following are just a few of the circumstances in which you may want to add a listing watch to a specific listing:

  • If a listing is under contract, and you want to know immediately if it goes back on the market.
  • If you have a buyer that is will to buy a property, but the price is too high.
  • If you want to prospect a listing, but you have to wait until it expires.
  • If you are a broker that is concerned about an agent making changes to a specific listing in your office.

Calculator & Amortization:
The mortgage calculator can be used to figure loan balances, monthly mortgage payments, or to do interest calculations. It has all the features of your standard real estate calculator. In addition to the calculator, you can also create amortization schedules with extra monthly payments, balloon payments, lump sum payments, etc. The amortization schedules are ideal for showing sellers how much interest they can make if they offer seller financing, and to help buyers analyze the benefits of paying extra principal each month etc. to save interest and to cut down the term of the loan. Features include:

  • Quickly calculate principal and interest payments (print or email the results).
  • Create detailed amortization schedules showing the result of every payment.
  • Ability to customize payments w/ extra monthly principal or with lump sum principle payments.
  • Begin mode or end mode setting to calculate interest up front or at the end of each payment.
  • Determine mortgage payoff acceleration options with extra monthly or biweekly payments, etc.
  • Options to view, print, and/or email calculations and amortization schedules to customers or clients.

Seller's Net Sheet:
This module helps you to prepare a report showing the estimated closing costs and encumbrances (and the actual amount your seller will end up with after closing) on the sale of a property. You may want to prepare a net sheet to use during the listing presentation and also to present with each offer so that your client will be able to see (if they accept the offer or counter offer) the actual amount they will realize from the sale. The features include:

  • Ability to save, open, edit, delete, view, print, or email net sheets.
  • Ability to customize the form with your own preset costs, expenses, etc. with preset values (optional).
  • Ability to change "Prepared By" on all printouts to any member of your office (based on teams).

Buyer Qualifier:
Let your Buyers know up front what they can and can not afford. This is a simple program that asks for standard income and debts and shows your clients what their ratios are and the loan & purchase amounts that they can qualify for. This program does not replace the need to have them qualified with a lender, but it can provide you with a close "rule of thumb" to help you and your buyers understand their limits. It will also save you the time of showing homes that your buyers can not afford.  Features include:

  • Determine approximate mortgage loan amounts that your buyers can qualify for based on their income/debt.
  • Compare your buyers debt to income ratios with loan programs that you know are available.
  • Help your clients to see what changes they can make to increase their buying power.

Forms & Contracts:
You no longer have to keep your car trunk full of contracts and forms for every situation. Just log in to the MLS, and you have instant access to all of your forms and contracts. This module can be used to store any form or contract approved by the Association for use by the MLS participants including the new listing and listing change forms. Each form can be dynamic (meaning it can be edited on the screen while viewing it) or static (non editable), and all forms can be printed or sent by email with ease. Features of this module include:

  • Instant access to all standard, state, and Association approved forms and contracts.
  • Link to Setup module where you can also add your own personal forms, contracts, and documents.
  • Ability to complete form online (by typing) instead of having to print it and fill it out by hand.
  • Fill out/complete, view, print, and/or email any of the forms with ease.
  • Save time, space, and money (you only print what you need when you need it).

Setup & Preferences:
This module allows you to customize your setup and preferences for the MLS including: viewing and editing your default settings for MLS features, changing your contact information, adding or changing your personal photo or company logo, changing your username or password, adding your own personal custom documents or forms to the MLS, and/or viewing your current MLS permissions.  Additional features include:

  • Change your username, password, or contact/display information.
  • Upload/change your personal photo or company logo (auto resize/crop for optimal print and viewing).
  • Lots of customizable preferences and settings to make the MLS work for you the way you want it to.
  • View permissions to see what you can and can not do in the MLS system.
  • Brokers can require broker approval of new listings for specific agents before listings go Live in MLS.
  • Brokers can receive an email or text message any time an office listing is changed by an agent.
  • Receive critical system notifications (by email or text messages) based on your permissions.
  • Ability to setup text messaging so you can send and receive text messages between other MLS members.
  • Add you own personal forms or documents to use in CMA's or to have available for quick and easy access.

Manage Users and Teams:
Using this module, the Association can add or terminate an office to or from the MLS, principal brokers can add a new agent or terminate an agent from an office, and brokers and agents can create "teams" to allow specific agents (within the same office) to view and/or edit each others listings and/or contacts. Additional features include:

  • Ability to require Association approval for all new offices and/or users.
  • Automatic notifications by email and/or text message to individuals responsible for approvals.
  • Options (per permissions and settings) to add, suspend, or terminate an office or a user.
  • Options (per permissions and settings) to edit the office or other user's profiles (contact information).
  • Ability to change login info. (username/password) and add personal photo or company logo.
  • Both Private and Public Teams allow you to specify who may or may not edit your listings and contacts.
  • Public teams allow you to print a team photo and team contact info. on all MLS reports and printouts.

Open Houses:
If you want to know who's holding "open houses" this coming Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., with a few clicks you not only know, but you also get a complete list with details of each property and a map showing where they are located to boot! You can use this module to let other agents know about your open houses or to create a list of available open- houses for yourself, your office, or for your customers. Additional features of this module include:

  • Schedule open houses for any of your listings.
  • Track past open houses (filtered by your listings or your offices listings – optional).
  • Search for open houses scheduled between any two dates.
  • Filter search so you limit results based on criteria (i.e. Price, Type, Sq. Ft., Area, City, Listing Office, etc.).
  • View, print, or email the list of open houses (with map showing location of each home -- optional).

Board & Office Tours:
Office Tours and Board Tours work basically the same way with the exception of who can create and manage the tours and who can request that a listing be put on a tour. Only users with Office Tour Creator permission can create and manage office tours, and only users with Board Tour Creator permission can create or edit board tours. The tour creator creates a tour (with a tour name, tour date(s), and any limitations on listing criteria), then individual agents can make a request for any specific listing to be placed on the tour (as long as it meets the requirements). The tour creator selects which listings are actually put on tour from the list of requests, and then any user can print or email the tour report to be used for the actual tour. Additional features in this module include:

  • Custom options to create as many tours as you want with any criteria for the tour.
  • Easy method (built in to the new listing form, change form, and the open house module) to request a tour.
  • Ability to notify listing agents who have properties on tour.
  • Ability to bulk email the Tours to all agents in your office or to the entire Association.
  • Track which listings have (or have not) been on tour.
  • Print, view, and/or email tours with map showing location of all properties.

Export MLS Data:
This module allows you to export the MLS database to a scaled down simplified desktop version of the MLS. It allows you to view the data using the Quattro Pro MLSTM desktop system, and will eventually offer additional desktop options. If you want to export certain listings to a spreadsheet to perform your own statistical calculations or to a text file for other reasons etc., you can also export listings after performing specific searches at the search results screen. Some of the benefits of exporting to the desktop system include:

  • Ability to use the MLS without an Internet connection (great for areas where Internet is not available).
  • Spreadsheet versatility for performing your own copy/paste functions, calculations, formulas, etc.
  • Quicker speeds for viewing data compared to a very slow Internet connection (if you have dial-up etc.).
  • Use as a backup of listing data in the unlikely event that the online system is ever unavailable.
  • Quick Downloads -- The MLS remembers your computer so it only downloads the data/photos you need.

Internet Advertising & Promotion:
For what most MLS systems either don't offer or charge an arm and a leg extra for, you get FREE as a value added service with the RealtyProMLS® system. All of your listings (marked YES for Internet advertising) can be automatically submitted from the MLS to several third party Internet sites including:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and over 130 local and national newspaper websites.  Additionally, we can submit your listings to any franchise website (i.e. RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, etc.) and we can setup custom exports for IDX. Advertising features include the following:

  • Internet exposure from MLS to 100's of well known third party websites.
  • View or print the list of sites so you can inform sellers of the large Internet exposure coverage.
  • In addition to exporting listings, the MLS offers several FREE IDX solutions for each member. This module shows you what your IDX options are and shows you how to setup your own IDX solution so you can display MLS listings on your own personal or company website.
  • Internet advertising only available via MLS (Big selling point to promote listing with you vs. FSBO).
  • Daily exports from MLS to all sites approved by the Association including personal IDX sites.
  • Ability to make any website export optional per listing (agent can check Yes or No for that site).

MLS Area Maps:
This module has a quick link to interactive online maps for each of the geographic areas in the MLS. You can show customers the areas, find properties or addressees, zoom in our out, pan to other areas, view satellite or terrain views, get specific directions, and much more. There is also a link to open Google Maps in a new window with lots of additional options and views. The MLS maps module includes:

  • Google Maps of every geographic area in the MLS.
  • Lots of views and options: (Aerial, satellite, terrain, map, streets, landmarks, photos, video, webcams).

County Tax Records:
Depending on the resources and options available with your county, the MLS can integrate and link to the county tax records. This can be very helpful in finding ownership information, property tax values, APN parcel numbers, lots sizes, and other property information. The MLS also has link on each listing at the detail profile screen that links directly to the county data for that property. The features of this module include:

  • Link and/or integration from MLS to your county website.
  • Search county tax records by owner name, address, or APN #. View all available county tax data.
  • Direct links to county data from any specific listing (from detail profile or when entering new listing).
  • Other options may be available depending on the cooperation and resources of your county.

MLS Rules & Setup:
This module contains several sub-modules related to the MLS settings of the Association and the organization of the MLS including: Association officers, MLS rules and Association bylaws, MLS system settings and options, new listing requirements set by the Association, a list of MLS upgrades, and a module for the Association to create and post "Main Menu Messages". This module can also be used to store important Association documents (public to membership or not) for such things as: minutes to MLS meetings, articles of incorporation, tax forms, membership applications, disciplinary actions, etc. Additional features include:

  • Ability for all members to view and/or contact current officers of the Association and/or MLS.
  • Links to Association website or any other website(s).
  • MLS rules and bylaws readily accessible to all members (can be updated if they are ever changed).
  • Ability to add any MLS or Association documents (MLS bylaws, MLS rules, minutes of meetings, etc.).
  • View list of all MLS setup options and the current settings (may be changed per approval from Association).
  • Improve the searchability and quality of the listing database by setting minimum new listing requirements.
  • Selection lists (drop-down, multi-select, etc.) for each field with "edit as you go" or "locked choices" options.
  • IDX and Internet export options and approval by Association for all listing data exports.
  • Voting module allows options for brokers or MLS membership to vote on any issues or actions.
  • Users with permission can post Main Menu Notices to notify members of important events and issues.
  • Options for Association membership person to add, suspend, terminate, and approve new offices.
  • Options for Association membership person to add, suspend, terminate, and approve new members.
  • View MLS upgrades and improvements to keep track of what's new and what's improved for any version.

Other Applications:
The RealtyProMLS® system offers so many programs and applications that we couldn't fit them all on the Main Menu. There are several additional modules available to all MLS participants that area accessible by clicking "Other Applications" from the Main Menu.  These modules include the following:

  • Ad Manager - A program to help you track ads and prepare print ads for publication to newspapers etc.
  • Internet Links- A list of important real estate related Internet links (customizable by your Association).
  • Investment Analysis- This module allows sophisticated investors to compare potential real estate investments with alternative investments such stocks, bonds, etc. by showing the before and after return on investment of each one and the projected cashflow analysis of the real estate investment.

Equipment Maintenance, Backup, & Security:
What happens behind the scenes is just as important as the software and service. We have taken extreme measures to ensure the security and safety of your data, and to make sure that is always available to you – even in the unlikely event of hardware failure or server problems. We have redundant servers with multiple backups in several physical locations, and several software security features built in to the MLS including the following:

  • Real time data replication of all system data to at least two servers in at least two locations.
  • Regular full data backups (and file content backups) to at least two servers in at least two locations. Routine testing, maintenance, and service on all equipment, hardware, and backup systems.
  • Backup to backups (separate domain and servers in different states if our main servers ever go down).
  • System load evaluation software, firewall, virus protection, and up-time server monitoring every 2 minutes.
  • Secure server location facility with controlled temperature and generator backup power.
  • Password protected site with login verification at every page.
  • Secure (double encrypted/hashed) login for each user, with IP Address tracking for unauthorized use.
  • Auto email (with option to change password) for users who forgot their password.
  • Ability to require "access code" in addition to password for each user. Can be changed at any interval.
  • Login log which tracks all use of the MLS system by each user (with printable reports if needed).
  • System cron jobs and back-end apps (expire listings, Days on Market, archive data, auto emails, etc.)
  • Built-in spell check, auto photo resize with optional custom watermark.
  • Ability to integrate MLS and provide exports to most LockBox systems.

Superior Customer Service and Support:
In addition to the amazing software and applications of the RealtyProMLS® system, you will receive the highest level of customer service and support in the industry from the staff at RealtyPro Solutions. We will go the extra mile to customize the MLS to fit your needs and to help you with any questions or problems that you might have! These services include:

  • Unlimited toll free phone support (prompt, friendly, live "in-house" support whenever you need it with after hours and weekend paging service for emergencies).
  • eSupport ticket system for assistance by email (very helpful to have help in writing to refer back to).
  • Online help section with video tutorials and step by step "How To" instructions for each module and feature.
  • Keyword search in the Help section to quickly find items you need help with and the related instructions.
  • Free initial live training for new MLS conversions, and live conference call phone training upon request.
  • Setup and training for new offices, new agents, agent transfers, listing transfers, terminations, etc.
  • Regular data quality review, maintenance, and communication with MLS committee to improve system.
  • Corrections on listings w/ errors (email & follow up w/ listing agents).
  • IDX and Internet Exports (setup, changes, and routine follow up to keep everything working and accurate).
  • Expert advice and assistance with MLS rules, bylaws, and all other MLS options and settings!
  • We provide all the billing and collections for the MLS service (ability for agents to pay online).
  • We can also provide billing and collections for the Association.
  • We are very willing to customize the MLS (when possible) and make changes/upgrades as requested.
  • Our goal is to help you get the most out of the MLS so you can be the best at what you do!

Other Services:
In addition to the MLS services included in the RealtyProMLS® system, RealtyPro Solutions also offers additional services (for an additional low monthly fee) such as virtual tours, website design, hosting, and IDX solutions. For more information about these services, visit Following is list of these services and their associated domains:

  •  The main company site with options to view payment history and pay your bill.
  •  The main MLS website with MLS login.
  •  The mobile access to MLS for use with smart-phones, PDA's, and handheld devices.
  •  Custom websites and hosting with MLS IDX integration.
  •  A service which allows you to create your own low cost, high quality, virtual tours.
  •  This is a public website maintained by MLS Provider for public searches.
  •  This is a public website (for buyers agents) for use with the MLS and IDX solutions.